Diamond Shapes : A Quick Guide

Diamond Shapes : A Quick Guide

While looking for her dream engagement ring, one thing that is frequently overlooked is Which one best diamond shape. It's among the top things we advise that you ask her before you start searching for the ring. Maybe she's a preference, or perhaps she hasn't even thought about it. However, every diamond cut and diamond shape has its own character, and each will sparkle and shine in its own unique way.

Did you know the types of diamonds? Which diamond shape is right for her? Don't worry. We Discuss everything in this blog.

1) Round shaped diamond

Topping our list is the round-shaped diamond. This has and will continue to be the most popular choice for diamond shapes in engagement rings. Round diamonds represent roughly 75% of all diamonds that are sold worldwide. Round brilliant-cut diamonds are best suited to someone looking for a very classic and traditional look. Because of its precise cut, the sparkle is unparalleled and guaranteed to dazzle for eternity. 

When a round diamond is cut perfectly, it can catch your eye from across the room — That's why it will be the most expensive diamond than an oval diamond.

2) Princess-Cut Diamonds

Moving past the timeless round diamond shape, yet another top seller is the princess cut diamond. Princess cut diamonds were first created in 1980 and therefore are regarded as a"fancy cut" They can be square in shape and will reflect light to your eye in an unusual way compared to the classic round pearl.

Many girls will choose the princess cut diamond because of their preference towards the square shape over round. It is also more unique compared to a diamond, though it still is our second most popular seller. Princess cut diamonds operate well in almost any style of ring, which means they're a great choice.

3) Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are fancy cut diamonds that are square-shaped with curved corners, giving them a milder outline over the harsher lines of princess cut diamonds. Many men and women refer to this cut of diamond for a pillow because of its shape, which is also the way it obtained the name"cushion" cut.

Though there's been a great deal of Buzz round cushion cut diamonds lately, those diamonds have been around for nearly 200 years. For the first 100 decades of their presence, cushion cut diamonds were the most popular diamond shape! But, the version of a cushion cut diamond that you would find today is significantly different than a vintage pillow cut diamond. Modern modifications and refinements allow for the sparkle and brilliance of a cushion cut diamond to be amplified. We've noticed a resurgence in popularity with this sort of diamond, putting it high on our list.

4) Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are all identifying. Girls who use emerald cut diamonds are not afraid to be ahead of the curve and do not mind using a diamond that's not the same.

One thing about emerald cut diamonds which we always be certain that you point out is that the fact that often times inclusions or yellow color in an emerald cut diamond will be a lot easier to see. It is very easy to see into the depths of those diamonds.

5) Oval Diamonds

These days oval diamonds are one of the trendiest stones around. They have an old-fashioned feel to them compared to the more modern round diamond. Because oval diamonds are technically just modified versions of round diamonds, they do share similar characteristics. You'll find a similar fire, brilliance, and sparkle in an oval diamond as you do in a round diamond. 

One advantage of choosing oval diamonds is their elongated shape. This helps create an illusion of a greater sized diamond

6) Marquise Diamonds

Speaking of elongated diamond shapes, marquise cut diamonds are football-shaped and modified round diamonds. The long and narrow shape of marquise diamonds is, yet, a different way to get that lengthier seem that produces the illusion of a much bigger diamond (which can save you some serious money). It is a great option if you're trying to optimize your financial plan because it is also the diamond that covers the maximum surface area of any other diamond shape compared to carat. Marquise diamonds can be worn equally lengthwise along the finger or round the finger.

7) Heart Diamond

The heart-cut is known as a modified brilliant-cut shape and is famous for both engagement ring settings and solitaire pendants. Most frequently, the heart-cut shape is showcased in a solitaire setting to accentuate its unique design.

The design of every heart-cut diamond should be perfectly symmetrical. The curved halves of the heart should fit perfectly. The cleft of the heart, or the V-shaped indentation between the two sides, should be sharp and distinct.

8) Pear Diamonds

A fantastic pear-shaped diamond should have excellent or very good equilibrium, and also the point of this diamond must line up with the middle of the curved end. Moreover, the upper and lower curves on the surfaces of the diamonds must form symmetrical curves. Pear diamonds are amazing when they're proportioned correctly, but they might be tough to find!

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